Internet Address & Password Log Book for Personal

Are you tired of losing track of those login/usernames and passwords you create every time you visit a new Web site? Do you have sticky notes and scraps of paper scattered about your office and home computer space covered with these vital pieces of information, but never seem to be able to put your hands on them when you need them?
Now you can keep important Web site addresses, usernames, and passwords in one convenient place! Introducing The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book! This time-saving, headache-preventing little organizer features:

  1.     Lots of space: 144 pages, including tabbed alphabetical pages
  2.     Plenty of room for all those Web site addresses, usernames, passwords, and additional notes
  3.     A spiral binding that allows pages to lie flat for ease of use
  4.     Handy elastic band closure
  5.     Pages in the back on which to record additional useful information, such as your home network configuration, software license numbers, and other notes
  6.     Removable label and discreet cover design
  7.     4-1/4'' wide x 5-3/4'' high
This is a small but sturdy organizer. It measures 4.5 inches wide by 6 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. It has a very heavy duty cover and rugged spiral binding. The spiral binding is covered, so it cannot snag anything. This is a good organizer for your briefcase or purse. If you need something to keep in your pocket, it may be too large.

The logbook is organized designed as a regular address book. The entries are listed in an alphabetical order. For each entry you can specify the name, website address, username, and a few brief notes. The book is well made and it's the right size for its purpose. 

The binding of the notebook is smooth and pleasant to the touch. The plain black color blends in well on the desk without drawing attention to it. The elastic band is tight, but not so tight that it is difficult to remove. The organizer pages are well set up. There is plenty of space for not only passwords, but other information that you'd like to store about the website that goes with the password. It also has sections for home network configuration information, software license numbers and internet service prover.

If you're looking for a log to keep your passwords archived, this is what you need.