Reference Guide for Serious Red Team Members, Rtfm

Did you know The Red Team Field Manual (RTFM) is a no fluff, but thorough reference guide for serious Red Team members who routinely find themselves on a mission without Google or the time to scan through a man page.
The RTFM contains the basic syntax for commonly used Linux and Windows command line tools, but it also encapsulates unique use cases for powerful tools such as Python and Windows PowerShell. The RTFM will repeatedly save you time looking up the hard to remember Windows nuances such as Windows wmic and dsquery command line tools, key registry values, scheduled tasks syntax, startup locations and Windows scripting. More importantly, it should teach you some new red team techniques.

If you're wanting to be l33t, or better yet 31337, this is the book for you. This is not the book for someone with a ton of pentesting experience, but it is great for someone who is trying to get in the field.

That's the power of this book. If you're going up a Gibson that is harder to hack, then all you do is open up the book, find out what some nasty sysadmin put in your way, look in the table of contents, go to the right page, and pwn it!

This book instantly transforms the reader into an uberl33tcyberhacker!  It has all the tricks including "TeleTunneling", "PowerHell", and "Cyber". It also goes into great detail about this relatively unknown OS called Linux!

Other features of the book are its compact size that can easily fit into the pockets of my trench coat. The cover also repels liquids, as there are no residual traces of the Mountain Dew and Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz I spilled on it during my all night hackathon. Okay, I'm lying. It only took 20 minutes, not all night. But it would have been all night without this book.

This book is full of many many nuggets of information that any network person or infosec person will find valuable. It's like the author has been collecting all kinds of cool stuff in his notebook for years and then decided to put them in book form. Highly recommended.