Lose Weight without Food Restrictions Said: "I Can Make You Thin"

Did you know Paul McKenna's revolutionary book and CD have helped millions of people lose weight without food restrictions, counting calories, or fighting cravings?

All decisions about food take place in the mind and the human mind is like a computer. Dr. McKenna helps people reprogram their minds using the latest psychological techniques to transform the way they think about food forever. His celebrity clients include rock stars, movie stars, and royalty.

Book and CD show readers how to:
- Feel totally in control around food
- Speed up your metabolism
- Stop self-sabotage
- Instantly stop cravings
- Feel totally confident


Paul McKenna is not a miracle worker when it comes to "making people thin", in fact it's not so much "him" making you t thin as yourself making yourself thin with the power of the mind.

The accompanying CD was a good idea too, easy to listen to and subliminal so that it can work on you on a subconscious and conscious level.

"I Can Make You Thin" book by Paul McKenna is a good read only seven short chapters long, with tips on how to control those "mad food cravings" you get now and again even when you're not dieting, and a good FAQ section to dip into when the need arises, so all in all it's a pretty good "self-help" book that won't go amiss on any bookshelf,

The book itself is filled with very easy to use instructions, inspirational tips and real-life stories from those who have changed their lives due to this "process". It has techniques that are new to many and helps you find more than one way to re-program your habits, perhaps the way that that works for you.

What it boils down to is to motivate you to eat less and move more. Be more thoughtful and concious of what you are doing and once you remove any other reasons to eat beyond true hunger itself, you will find yourself healthier. It is all complete common sense in a new package.

In essence, the reviewers giving this book a bad review are right in some ways. The concepts are nothing new and they SHOULD be common sense. You have to realize though that even though you "know" these things, sometimes it takes something like Paul's book and CD where it is all put together for you and explained in a different way for you to apply them. If everyone was already applying these common sense techniques, the obesity stats for North America wouldn't be what they are. Where those reviewers are wrong though is in their assessment that people shouldn't buy the book. Given today's multi-million dollar weight loss industry, this book is a small price to pay for something that may very well be the thing that turns your life around.

At least this book doesn't tell you WHAT to eat, that is up to you, what it does do is help your mind to look after your body, the rest then is up to you